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Thursday, March 11, 2010

listful day

toothbrush                                     groundhogs-3
 t-paste                                          socks-3
 flossers                                         boulder holders-1
face wash                                      jeans
 night moisturizer                            t-shirt-2
 day moisturizer                             black tank
glysolid                                          pj's
lip balm                                         black sweater
cuticle balm                                   scarf
lotion                                             snuggie
shp                                                 boots?
cond                                               hat & mittens
tiger spray
rootful                                            photos and albums, ready to be
shape gel                                        camera-2
layer lift                                          apples to apples, scrabble
spray                                              My Big Fat Greek Wedding
  brush                                            ipod
  comb                                            pedicure kit
p-liners-3                                         lime bars
                                                        jelly beans

make lasagna for hubby-check
stock cupboards with regular food and lots of treats -check
diapers  -check
clean clothes -check, it counts if they are semi-folded in baskets
                                and not in drawers. i'm sure.
go to bank
pick-up prints from costco
  add photo albums & pics to packing list

(Happy) Sigh.  I am still getting ready, and still looking forward to getting on the road.  YeHAW!


Jan said...

Have fun!!!

Jan said...

Have fun!!!

elizabeth said...


I like the sound of lime bars.

Have fun!

ethiopifinn said...

groundhogs...somehow that has come to mean undies.
wierd, now that i think of it!!

thanks--fun is on its way :)

Leanne said...

Isn't amazing how long the "to do" list is once your a mama? Have a great time; I can't wait to hear all about your trip...and how it goes with the hubinator and the little ones!

Leanne said...

My Big Fat Greek Wedding! What a great movie!

Heli said...

Have a hauska weekend:)

Joni said...

I'm intrigued by the layer lift.

ethiopifinn said...

joni--i'll let you know how it goes. it is a spray...