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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

this time last year...

I made tomato sauce and brownies with spinach puree.
Theo put his train in the vaseline.
Today, I just finished scrubbing the banana chocolate shake off the carpet.  Somehow didn't seem as funny as some of the other messes these two get into.  I thought about the camera too late.

Eight years ago I begrudgingly went to a graduation party.  I am still thankful for that party--it is where I met my husband.  And he never makes me clean up his ice cream shake off the carpet.
Here they are in action.  Theo standing in the window, Suvi jumping down from her perch.


elizabeth said...

Oh! I always wondered how you two met!

Banana chocolate shake. Mmmmm. I have bananas. And chocolate. And ice cream (albeit not vanilla). Hmmmmm.

ethiopifinn said...

ooh...what kind of ice cream? is it that samoa cookie ice cream? that would be good with banana and chocolate!!!!!!!

elizabeth said...

I have that, yes, and I also have Coconut Bliss pineapple (it's coconut milk ice cream). That was actually the one I was thinking of using. But mmmm .. the Samoa one might work even better. I will save it for this weekend. :)