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Thursday, September 30, 2010

oh the pressure.

"...what we're trying to do is grow the economy..." blah blah blah. Hey, folks.  Guess what Ima do. Ima 'bout ta calla spade a spade. This political rhetoric is absolute freaking horse shit. Hear that EVERYBODY?  Yeah, that's right.  I said it.  All y'all on the television, in the internets, on the radio, in my salon, at the gas station, at fireworks and Costco, spreading alla your BAloney are full of HORSE.Shit.  I feel like my head is going to explode.  I can't wait to vote and get it over with.

AND, I don't want to hear about any more bullying, stalking, suicide, child abuse, domestic abuse, forclosures, unemployment, illness, co-dependency, entitlement.  I am feeling so very sensitive this week, and I am seriously saturated.  I can't bear to hear one more horrid thing. Good GRIEF!  Isn't there anything good happening in this dog pile of a country we live in?  Guess what, Republicans, Democrats, and pot-smokers, none of you are the One with the Answer.  And another thing.  Yes.  There is a line.  There is a line that says, the things on this side are acceptable, and sometimes, some folks cross the dang line.  Know what that means? Sometimes some people are wrong.  And that is okay.  It is completely acceptable for me to say that somethings are wrong, and unacceptable, and...not even right.  Sheesh.  I'm just trying to enjoy my little children, my hottie husband, the new shoes he just forked over a huge wad of cash for, and my bangs.

(this may be the scariest photo of me i've ever seen. thank suvi)
Alright? ALRIGHT???!

That's what I thought. Punk.  Now take your stinkin' entitled over-opinionated under-experienced biased self to a coffee shop and RE-stinkin'-lax.  Honestly.  Lets do some breathing together. 
Deep, long, cleansing breath in.......and shuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhh, calming exhale.
Good thoughts innnn..............and downers, negativity out.
One more sure, steady, freeing inhaaaaaale, and releasssssssssssssssssssse it all.

Now, can we discuss dress patterns?  Apples?  a winning sports team?  a 62nd wedding anniversary?  a perfect found item?
Please spread your personal happy surprise with me.  Reach a goal?  Do something new?  I want to hear about it.
our strange neighbor used to have expensive cars.
now he rides a bike, and, apparently, a wagon.

some food is just yummy and i will eat it.

my baby is cute. period.

a secret moment i shouldn't share, but i will. because i am so in love with this dude.

another suvi pic



Anonymous said...

Wait a minute!! We have the SAME neighbor......only he lives in a camper YEAR AROUND!!

I want to pinch that cute little baby bottom.

Here's my latest happiness----I watched a documentary (from my history teacher) called Fire and Ice. It is about the Winter War in Finland. When I was done I was positively crowing with pride to be Finn. It re-defines SISU! We persevere! I made my teens watch it----"see, boys? THIS is where you come from......if these people could win then YOU can too. DON't Give up, boys. Ever."

Or you neither, Miss Jenny......give Dave Rsmsey a kiss from me.


Jan said...

uh...fall is beautiful. and I sat around a bonfire last night, thus groggy this morning. Life is pretty good.
My twins keep telling me I'm be-yoo-ti-ful, but now they add at the end that it's 'cause I'm a girl...'tis true, I am a girl.

rock on...

ethiopifinn said...

jan, the girls are right. you *are* beautiful. and I still wish I could have enjoyed your beauty in person last weekend. a bon fire sounds so nice.

b-go FINNS.

Tara said...

I'm with you, Jenny, can't watch or listen to anything political anymore, it is WAY TOO DEPRESSING. Blech.

Sue said...

Okay, I've been a lurker every now and then on your blog...and it's all Bette's fault. BTW, I love the pictures w/her, Nancy and Deanna. I've heard her talk about you but if she ever mentions me don't believe it, I'm sure it's all made up stuff;)
I'm married to her cousin but have known the Anderson's since dirt was discovered, well almost.
Anyway, my happy thought for you and you should appreciate it since you have a baby as well is: today my 5 week old discovered the mobile on his swing and is happily cooing and smiling at it. Too bad I wasn't so entertaining for the boy.

Joni said...

seems we cut our phone call short, I'm glad you got the rest out, I feel better having read it myself. Yes! Happy things abound. starting w/a rainy day date. thanks for the joyful pics!

Leanne said...

I've been thinking about this blog post since I read it a few days ago. And I want to respond this way, as it came to me last night. I am ubertopical. I pay attention to the issues and I take sides. I believe in the things I commit to and think that the discomfort is part of progression. If people didn't care so much, we wouldn't move forward. And sure, there's discord. But during any major change in our country, there has been some. Can you imagine what the country felt like during the civil rights movement?? Eeps.

That being said, I don't focus on that stuff. My daily life isn't full of attention on politics or current events, believe it or not.

This will be a future blog entry, inspired by this post, but I wanted to share it here first: Last night, a firefighter called. She said that she had been to the Farmer's market and she had two extra bundles of corn stalks and thought the boys and I would like them. We did, thankyouverymuch. Last week, I had a sick friend, so I brought her wild rice soup. She sent me a thank you card and enclosed a check for a wreath to support my stepson's Scout fundraiser. A couple weeks ago, I had a really crappy day. A neighbor, on her way home from the grocery, brought me a Caribou hot tea. Just because. My neighbor has prostate cancer, and we've taken to mowing their lawn twice a week. This is it. My life, interwoven with goodness. The other stuff, well, it's important. Really really important. But the daily goodness...that's the stuff I care most about. That's the stuff that makes my soul sing and where I really want to keep my focus.

Thanks for encouraging me to think hard about this web of my life and realizing what is important to me.

I wish you much happiness.

ethiopifinn said...

Thanks, Leanne.

I guess it is the negative ads that really get me. I wish I could get my news the way you present your opinions on it--with love. This is what impresses me about you...you blog what you feel, and maybe you *do* edit for your readership, but it doesn't feel that way. It feels like you are honest. Because you *are* honest. I have a difficult time even being honest here in my own blog, because I want to respect the culture of most of my readers.
What about my take on my home culture? Why is it that I put the readers' opinions and sensitivities over mine? Maybe *that* is cultural as well.

I should say, yes, I was frustrated when writing this post, and dramatic, but when I read it aloud to H, we were both laughing. It is part of my humor. Frustration is funny? Sometimes it is. I even said, "People are not going to like this post. I may quit blogging. I should video myself reading aloud and post the video so they get it."
Really, I wanted to just blow those heavy thoughts off my heart, so my happiness could breathe easier.

I love the USA. Life is good here, if hot and changing at the moment, life is still good.

Thanks all for sharing your moments. I really needed it! Your input are my corn stalks!

Leanne said...

Oh, that sensorship thing is a whole 'nother subject, isn't it? Sure, some people won't like it. But honesty is refreshing.

Recently I said to a friend, "I wish I lived in a family-friendly, mother-friendly country like Norway. I'd pay more taxes for their benefits." And realized that there is company I cannot say that in because they might think I'm less patriotic, you know? Nope. I just think we should give moms more opportunity to raise their babies. So they're not like you and I...struggling, stressing, worrying each day of parenthood. (oops. seems i can't resist topical.)

My point is -- sometimes you just gotta say it. Like you did. Kudos. Do NOT stop blogging.

And YES. Negative ads are for the BIRDS. In fact, I just told Cory I don't think I've seen a single one, thanks to DVR! YAY!

elizabeth said...

Didn't hate it. Loved it. My mail is full of "vote for me" ads and I toss them all into the recycling bin.

I know that politicians focus on the bad because it's easier to sway people by appealing to their troubles and worries and .. But there is so much goodness around us.

Quiet rapt faces as someone reads their words aloud for the group because they feel safe and loved. Someone picking a bug up and carrying it outside. Cars slowing down around construction. Food made with love. Pink tic-tacs! Friends.


Julie said...

LOL! You're fantastic. Your post made my day. Um... let me get back to you when I've had a chance to think about the good happenings here. :)

MindiJo said...

I don't care if politics are important. I think everybody should shut up about them for at least a couple months. Please? Thanks. I'm so sick of them and people constantly talking about them- I actually have ignored them since I moved from NM. Months of no politics equals a more relaxed Mindizzle. Thanks.

I love this post. And I love your pictures. You are hilarious. I actually found this post humorous, not offensive.


ethiopifinn said...

julie. no YOU are fantastic! ;)

mindizzle. heh. glad you got it.

mella said...

sojen - ray is watching a 'foosball' game and as I was reading your post the announcer said 'somebody put a tent over this circus, this is ridiculous'. !ha

time to move to canada-er :)

or I agree with Leanne, DVRs are the only way to watch the telly anymore...

ethiopifinn said...

MELLLLLLL! I miss you.
and that.is.HYSTERICAL. love it.

~ Junkyard Jennifer said...

I was laughing the whole time I was reading this. You crack me up -- and I can totally hear your voice!

I'm with Mindi, I'm sick of politics. I've stepped back from them for quite a few months now and feel a bit lighter around the shoulders.

I never turn the news on and don't really read much of it on-line either. Makes my life feel just a teensy bit less stressful (albeit more uninformed). :)

P.S. Your neighbor cracks me up, too. As does your description.

~ Jennifer

ethiopifinn said...

jennifer...you girls are on to something with the tuning it out. i just need small doses.

~ Junkyard Jennifer said...

I could probably handle some small doses but after being so engrossed in it for so long, it feels nice to step back for a bit. :)

I forgot to add something good to that last comment as per your post!

Let's see... something good... It's beautiful and sunny and warm out! I'm almost halfway to my weight loss goal. {Just don't tell anyone I plateaued over a month ago and still need to kick it up to change it up.} And, there are less than three months to Christmas. :)

~ Jennifer

Julie said...
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Julie said...

Oh, and I have to add that I was laughing when I pictured you reading this (dramatically) to your husband out loud. I do the same thing all the time with my husband, especially with an extra dramaaaatic post. I totally get you. :)

And a happy thing this week: the weather!!