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Friday, January 28, 2011


learning curve, that is.
I am feeling so rusty with photography...i used to be at one with my Cannon AE 1, but the new Cannon is taking some time to mold itself to my eye.  I have been enjoying it, the better quality of snapshots.  Just need to get comfortable with the composition again.  I have until September to be fluent!
icey eye

tear drop

theo wanted me to take a picture of the berries. i liked it in my mind, better.  i could have improved by getting closer, but the snow banks are deep!

another abandoned house

i didn't catch his face in focus, but look at that expression! and the drool on his chest!

the kids WOULD NOT cooperate for a photo.  Please sit by the baby. Sit by Judah. Kids. Do it. Stinkers! :)


Joni said...


Jan said...

what's in September?

Anonymous said...

why until september? do we have a photo shoot?
~ann b.

MindiJo said...

What? Where did my comment go? Love the first two photos the mostest. And "another abandoned house"? I love how your mind works!

ethiopifinn said...

my niece is gettin' hitched.

Anonymous said...

aRE YOU GOING TO BE THE PHOTOGRAPHER FOR THE WEDDING? hOW FUN! (sorry. didn't mean to shout....my cap locks were on and I can't type without looking at the keyboard.)

I get the giggles every time I see that drool on the chest.


elizabeth said...

A new camera! How fun!

That drool is cracking me up.