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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

growing out

It is just part of my charm that I think so hard and long about...myself.  And what I have been thinking about for the last 18 hours is, why did I cut these bangs, I'm so over them, it will take 4 months for them to be long enough, which will be May, and by then, the rest of my hair should be good and long and maybe then I will be happy with the length and cut.it.off.

I am serious.  I think of my hair quite often throughout the day.  Do you?  Is there something about yourself you sort of obsess over? 

I also think about food/baking, money (yesterday I sold clothes and books and brought $18.78 to the bank. yeah, baby! i'm in the big time!), and rearranging the furniture, a new layout for our house, winning the lottery, a minivan, and a vacation (the destination varies).  I've been hard pressed to post a good FB status lately, but any part of this post would seem to be very Facebooky.

Theo is begging to go outside, so I GUESS I will take him out.  Suppose I better change out of my capris.  I also dream/think/wish for a fence, so I would feel comfortable letting them go outside without me from time to time. 

So, what do YOU want, and WHAT do you find yourself thinkin' on today?


MindiJo said...

Hmmm. I actually think a lot about bangs, too. I think I want some because yours are so fabulous!

But mostly I think about being on of those extremely toned women we all hate, a new Expedition or Cadillac Escalade (keep dreaming, Mindi!), new outfits, FOOD, cooking food, and cooking more food. I love food.

In all honesty, I am mostly thinking about a day of doing absolutely nothing. I joined a step challenge and wear a pedometer, so it keeps me moving. I don't want to move for a whole day. Thank you. The end.

MindiJo said...

"one" of those women. NOT "on" them. Thanks. Proofread, Mindi.

Jan said...

I got me some bangs yesterday when I got my hair cut. At first I thought "aack, why did I ask for these" but I am getting used to them now. Ron says my new cut makes me look really young. I hope it's a good thing.

I want to be more fit. But I am not so good at putting the effort into it. I am also thinking about SLW alot these days. This morning I am also car shopping on the internet.

ethiopifinn said...

Mindi, I was just drooling over an Escalade last night. There was one in the parking lot at the salon.

Jan, when is your SLW?

I don't think about being fit so much as finding a way to make a stitch in my belly button and then sewing it up on my spine. Just pull the whole gut in to form a super deep belly button. I know. Gross/genius.

Anonymous said...

Invent the stitch and I will be your first patient, or client, customer.....whatever.


Joni said...

I've been thinking about home arrangements (furniture/storage etc), employment, an efficient schedule, food, money, car (what is the most practical car for us? a crossover hatchback for easy stroller in/out) and fitness. and all that other stuff that I don't want to think about, much less materialize into written words...and of course my bangs, I think about them when my hair is air drying and wonder what was I thinking, but then I decide I like them when I take the time to mold them into shape. How long to I want to deal with them, is the question.

Jan said...

funny, we aren't much different from each other. Maybe because we all hang out with you at least on the internet. Sign me up for belly button surgery.

Middle of February for SLW. Earlier than usual this year. Ski Lodge theme. I am hearing chatter than it's a good thing its earlier this year, as we all need it soon!

Julie said...

I don't have bangs and that's been on my mind lately, too! I love yours in the photo. Your whole hairstyle is so cute.

Sewing, food, and finances have been on my mind. I decided to learn how to sew (with a needle and thread) and found it's quite relaxing to me. And hubby is working a new evening job to try and help us catch up (again). Will we ever get there? I hope so! :) And food. I just love food.

Anonymous said...

Fun question to ask, get some comments from your readers... :) I flip/flop back and forth on the bang thing... I need someone with expertise to advise me! Or maybe a live-in hair-stylist!!!! LOL

As far as cars go, I notice every single pick-up truck! It's just not practical for us to have one... We'll probably go for a Suburban. Not nearly as exciting in my mind, though.

I'm thinking a deck and a fence would be worthy investments, for the same reason as you stated. But I really spend more time thinking about "Is it meal time AGAIN?", or "Why aren't these clothes washing themselves?" LOL I'm not disgruntled, just a step or twenty behind I guess. Maybe we should stop internet access and I might not be? Haha. Now there's something to consider!!!!


ethiopifinn said...

i told the hubbinator to cut the internet, but then, i'd prolly just get back to reading!!

elizabeth said...

Re. obsessions .. I think about my hair and my mid-section often during the day - neither always with tons of love. :)

Right now, I am thinking about a second nap. And why I need a second nap. And wondering what's processing in my head. My first nap was before lunch. Except puppy dearest needs a walk and then I need to make beef stew.