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Monday, January 24, 2011

plus or minus.

well, i'm having the darndest time with simple math as of late.  my checkbook looks great, give or take.

Theo loves him some train tracks.  He loves to get them lined up just so, call us to admire, and say "Ta DAH!"

Last night when Habtamu was getting his clothes ready for today, Suvi assured him, "You look adorable, Daddy."

Judah only woke up twice last night (it's been 3 or 4 times lately. new teeth?).  The second time I didn't even hear him, Habtamu got up and brought him to our bed.  I was out!

Habtamu is really enjoying his new j-o-b.  He is enjoying the new challenges and ironing out some kinks in the thingamajiggers.  (I am on a major learning curve here. 'Thingamajigger' is, I'm pretty sure, a technical database term. And stuff.)

That's the news down here.  I've been clenching my jaw by night and chewing too much gum by day and it is taking it's toll on me.  Probably clenching over the math problem. Sweet.  What does that mean I have learned?  Keep talking about Dave Ramsey, keep talking about money, I must find a way to relax (breathe) and BELIEVE it will all shake out in the end.  And hopefully by Wednesday.  Aieeeeeee!  Gotta get dressed as Grammy's coming over soon!


Joni said...

I hear you on the jaw clenching! I'm glad things are good with you all personally, and that it's the non-important stuff that's left to be stressed about:)heehee.

elizabeth said...

I have trouble with simple math too. I do not understand how I cannot get my checkbook to balance to the penny anymore when I can NEVER find any mistakes. It drives me absolutely batty. Every once in a while, I add or subtract invisible money just to get it to be balanced. The next month, there it goes again.