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Friday, March 25, 2011

oh, is it Friday already?

  • Hmm...gotta get ready for the birthday this weekend. 
  • the house is especially, shall we say, "colorful"
  • sometimes colorful means messy and dirty.  think papers, toys, and floors screaming to be washed
  • theo is wearing three pairs of undies and two pair of jammie pants.
  • he is the kid who streaks at least 35% of the day
  • i haven't practiced the fondant.  gonna wing it. (!)
  • now suvi is layering up her undergarments to match her older brother.
  • she is getting a pink guitar (per her request) for her birthday.  it came yesterday and is so, so, so cute.  but i don't know how to tune it.
  • judah is working on 2 or 3 teeth.  it's just amazing the changes and the pain they go through. 
  • i'm super tired (see above)
  • he's a very easy baby, so happy to play with me, or his sibs, or solo.  sometimes he likes to get a little mavericky. (see photo)
  • the weeks of late have been very up and down.  i'm thinking about this and wondering.  i believe it ties in with the disrupted sleep. 
  • next weekend i will have an opportunity to sleep through the night...my sister Mari deserves a medal of honor for taking the kids overnight. 
  • i am very excited.  date night!
  • my hubbinator is a little nervous for the kids to be away from us.  he'll get through, i'm sure of it. ;)

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Anonymous said...

disrupted sleep wreaks all kinds of havoc, and it's not always the obvious culprit. I'm so glad you have a night to look forward to:) -jr